About Us

Welcome to Dwelling Place Church! We are a new church forming to serve the area of Woodstock, Kennesaw, North Marietta, Canton, and Acworth.  We are looking and expecting to connect with people that want to be a part of what God is starting at Dwelling Place. We would be honored to have an opportunity to connect with you and share the kind of church God has put in our hearts and that we envision.

We would love for you to consider being a part of our present and future. Come join this journey and encounter God’s presence. You were created to be a part of a God movement!

A God movement is simply people moving together toward a common Biblical vision and goal. It is active, alive, self-reproducing, intentional, and led by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

To gather people to Jesus Christ and lead them to Biblical maturity for the multiplication of believers, leaders, and churches.

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Our Core Values

      • Magnifying God…
      • Memorable Moments…
      • Maintaining Focus…
      • Maturity Journey…
      • Mobilizing Believers…
      • Molding the Foundations…
      • Missional Stewardship…
      • Multicultural Fellowship…
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Our Vision

Manifesting Christ in Many Ways to Many People. Our vision is built around 12 foundational stones for the Dwelling Place. These 12 stones are ways we will manifest Jesus to others and establish the 12 “I Musts” of our gathering.

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Our Beliefs

17th century Lutheran scholar, Rupertus Meldenus, wrote, “In necessaries unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas.” This is translated, “In the essentials we need unity, in the non-essentials we need freedom; but in all things we need love.”

Our essentials we call Core Beliefs, Core Doctrines, or Articles of Faith. Outside of our Core Beliefs we expect people to walk in love and humility toward one another instead of being divisive, argumentative, and obnoxious as we all seek to grow in our Biblical understanding.

We believe it would be a tragedy to only be judged by our Core Beliefs without having the opportunity to meet you and explain what the Bible teaches and our Biblical basis for each of our Core Beliefs. We believe that such a snap judgment is unfair to what God may desire to do in your life and to what He is already doing at Dwelling Place Church. Many of us come with different church backgrounds or no church background at all. Because of this sometimes we bring different meanings when using the same word or have attitudes, speculations, or wrong ideas that, without having an opportunity to actually explain what and why we believe in person, would not be giving place to what God may be trying to teach us.

However, to ensure we are upfront and clear that we are a true biblical New Testament church, click below if you at this time desire to view some of Core Beliefs that we hold in common with almost all Bible-believing churches.

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Church History

We had accepted that church planting was a part of what God had called us to many years ago when, on a 21 Day Fast, we were approached by our Senior Pastor to plant a church. We were set a part by the church for the work of planting, had hands laid upon us, and were sent out.  After our first church plant overseas we returned to the states and served at a local church. In the process of time God began dealing with us again about leading a church. As we prayed and sought God about where He desired for us to lead, He, through many confirmations and circumstances, called us to start Dwelling Place Church.

Through much prayer, planning, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and the peace of God we felt a strong conviction that Dwelling Place Church was to be birthed out of Woodstock and the surrounding area.

Our Ministry Team

Pastors Chad & Michelle Craig & Pastors Craig & Meredith Mosgrove

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