Our Vision

The church I envision manifests Christ through these “I MUST” statements:

1.  Christ is manifested through me.

Therefore, I MUST live holy and remain yielded to Him.

2.  Christ is manifested through preaching.

Therefore, I MUST preach the gospel.

3.  Christ is manifested by the church.

Therefore, I MUST build it.

4.  Christ is manifested in order.

Therefore, I MUST follow right structure.

5.  Christ is manifested through His people.

Therefore, I MUST disciple them.

6.  But many are in bondage.

Therefore, I MUST bring revival.

7.  Christ is manifested in praise.

Therefore, I MUST passionately give the sacrifice of praise.

8.  Christ is manifested through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, I MUST covet them.

9.  Christ is manifested through discipline.

Therefore, I MUST confront what seeks to hinder fellowship.

10. Christ is for all generations.

Therefore, I MUST intentionally mentor the next.

11. Christ is manifested for the sinner.

Therefore, I MUST befriend the lost.

12. Christ is manifested in suffering.

Therefore, I MUST minister to the needy by taking up my cross.

And all of these “I MUST” statements I cannot accomplish, therefore “I MUST” depend on Him!

And when the “I MUST” becomes “WE MUST” we have a church!