Monday Morning Commentary

Pastor Craig kicked off our series Minor Prophets, Major Mission series with the book of Hosea. The book of Hosea is your book if you have made bad decisions, have broken relationships, or lived in the destruction of sin. Hosea shows us the fountain of God’s love through the love story of Hosea and Gomer. 

Hosea was a prophet of Israel instructed by God to marry a prostitute named Gomer. God gave this instruction to Hosea to show how Israel was like a prostitute in her unfaithfulness to God. Hosea did not half heartedly pursue his marriage to Gomer. Hosea loved her passionately and started a family with her, yet Gomer went back to her life of prostitution. The story of Hosea’s pursuit of Gomer shows us how God pursued Israel even when they gave themselves up to everyone and everything else. 

Pastor Craig gave us 5 important insights about the love of God based on Hosea. 

1) God’s love scandalizes us. 

The love Hosea had for Gomer was a scandalous love. It was legal for Hosea to divorce Gomer for committing adultery. His love was not looking for loopholes. His love for her drove him beyond the legal requirements of the law. God’s love is the same for us. He went beyond what he was required to do to sacrifice his son. 

2) God’s love eviscerated him. 

In the story Hosea’s heart was ripped out of him or eviscerated by Gomer’s unfaithfulness. His finances were also eviscerated. He gave all the money he had and then some in his possessions. God gave us all he had by having his son spill all his blood for us. 

3) God’s love persists till the end. 

The story of Hosea points to two events. First, it is a story that describes how God redeemed Israel out of slavery. Second, it points to the cross of Jesus Christ and his blood being shed for us. God saved his people once. When that did not result in ultimate freedom he came again for us. His love persists till the end no matter the cost. 

4) God’s love is power not reward. 

Hosea did not give his love to Gomer on the basis of her changing. He gave it freely regardless of whether she would ever change. God is the same way with us. He died for us and loved us even while we were ungodly. Change does not happen until we feel unconditional acceptance. 

5) God’s love turns Gomers into Hoseas. 

When we believe the gospel, we come to embody the gospel. All of us either are Gomers or were Gomers. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. When we receive unconditional grace we are then able to extend that to others and pursue them. God wants us to become like him and pursue people as relentlessly as he does. 

This week think about how the story of Hosea reveals God’s love for you. Have you been pursued by his love? If so, go out and pursue others. If not, know that his love is waiting. God gave everything for you.

Savanna Brown