The Expectant

Monday Morning Commentary

To a farmer fruit is precious. It’s so precious that it is worth waiting for. The same expectancy the farmer has for precious fruit is what God wants us to have regarding the coming the Lord. On the night of Jesus’ betrayal Jesus spoke to his disciples that they were chosen by him, appointed by him and told that they should go and bear fruit. The fruit that Jesus had for his disciples was fruit that should remain. He desired to give the disciples whatever they would ask.

In order to bear the fruit Jesus would have for us today it’s important that we understand all the components of what Jesus was saying:

John 15:16, “You did not choose me but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in my name He may give you.”

I. Appointed
In the greek, appointed means to make or set up for something. When Jesus said I have appointed you to bear fruit, he was saying I have made you to bear fruit; I have already set you up for success. Keeping the revelation before us that we have divine appointments to be fruitful in him, helps us to remain in preparation no matter what season we are in.

II. Should Go
While Jesus gives the call, only the disciples can decide if they will go. The same is true for us. We have to pick up our feet and walk where God tells us to walk. When we understand that we are appointed or already designed for what God has for us we will experience less hinderances on the path.

III. Bear Fruit
We bear fruit in words and works as we go. The way God has made us and the spiritual gifts he has given us affect the fruit we bear. Whatever God has created you for, he has given you the spiritual gift to accomplish it.

While we have all been given spiritual gifts to accomplish what we are specifically called to do, God has given the fruit of the spirit to all. There is a divine order to the fruit of the spirit. Love, joy, and peace come first. These have to be settled before we see the fruit of patience and self-control.

Love comes through believing and obedience.
Joy comes the more confident we are that we have fully obeyed and experienced his love.
Peace comes when we experientially know the love and joy of the Father.

Between the Appointed and “Should go and Bear fruit" is abiding- letting the Father produce the fruit of the Spirit.

Abiding is listening.
Abiding is trusting.
Abiding is obeying.

This week rest in the fact that you are appointed by abiding in him. As you abide, you will bear fruit.

Craig Mosgrove