Keys For Keys


Pastor Chad began yesterday’s message by emphasizing that Jesus’s illustrative use of keys is easily understood in a 21st century world. Everyone uses keys, therefore, it is easy for anyone to be able to understand the need and use of a key for the practical purposes of opening and closing something; locking and unlocking something; allowing or denying access to something. Pastor Chad also noted that keys symbolize authority. As the owner of my home, I have the authority to hold its keys. Therefore, I have the authority to determine who receives or is denied access to my home.

There are keys to kingdom of God. In Matthew 16:16, Jesus speaks to the fact that the Kingdom of God is spiritual and access to it requires spiritual keys. Jesus told His followers that they would receive spiritual keys to access the power of God so that His will can be loosed in their lives. In the same manner, He is giving His followers spiritual keys to the power of God to bind the will of the enemy in their lives. 

The keys are for binding and loosing. The disciples received the keys to the Kingdom on the day of Pentecost and from that day forward, they began to use the keys to perform the works of God on the Earth. We see that Peter uses these spiritual keys when he:
¥ Preached and OPENED the door of faith to 3,000 people who chose to come into the Kingdom on the Day of Pentecost.
¥ At the temple during the hour of prayer he used the keys to LOOSE a man from his lameness. 
¥ He used the keys to LOOSE the power of God when he was assembled in prayer with other believers and the place was shaken and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.
¥ In Acts 5 he used the keys to discipline and BIND or LOCK out Ananias and Sapphira from continuing in their deception. 
¥ In Acts 8 he used the keys to LOOSE the baptism in the Holy Spirit to the Samaritan believers.

Peter was binding and loosing on the Earth, the will of God in Heaven. 

Keys are related to possessing the authority of the kingdom of God in dealing with kingdom of Satan. Spiritual keys unlock spiritual resources and spiritual doors for spiritual circumstances. We know that our battles on Earth are not always against natural or physical issues. Many times, our battles are against spiritual powers (demonic influences, demonic activity). When that is the case, we need spiritual keys that unlock the resources of Heaven to bind the work of the enemy. 

The key of knowledge is the knowledge of the will of God. Though we have been given spiritual keys, we must know which keys unlock specific circumstances. When we know what the will of God is, we can begin to use the appropriate key to unlock the will of God in our lives, or lock up the working of the enemy in our lives. 

The keys of the kingdom are Jesus’s keys. They represent His authority and are to be used for His glory and His name. Acknowledge that you have the keys to the Kingdom. Jesus, by His Spirit, has given them to every believer. Begin to study the Scriptures to know the will of God. And begin to pray the will of God in your life through binding and loosing.

Savanna Brown