Day 2 of Fast

Fasting is a powerful discipline that although it is a physical act of removing food, it engages our body, soul and spirit all at once. God has created human beings in body, soul and spirit. Our soul is made up of our mind, will and emotions. Our spirit is the place where God resides and is renewed upon accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior.  In our journey of growth in Christ, God continually works to renew the many parts of our soul because our soul is not fully renewed at salvation. Fasting is a way of opening our souls to a greater work of God.

When we abstain from food our body gives signals that it is hungry. Those signals communicate to our mind (part of our soul). And if you’ve been hungry long enough you will soon begin to feel strong emotions about your state of hunger. Many people today call this “hangry”. Our hunger speaks to our will and desire to eat, to satisfy ourselves. In fasting we do not give into our hunger but turn our longing to eat into longing for God. We are connecting body, soul and spirit into the physical act of resisting food! Fasting stirs our spirit, mind, will and emotions. It brings those areas under the submission of Christ’s rule and reign. When this happens we are positioning ourselves for a work only God can do.

Anytime we deny ourselves something we love, it causes desire for that thing to increase. Fasting supernaturally increases our desire for God. By removing food or anything of great importance to us, the sustaining substances in our life, we are reminded that we are still in need of sustaining! And God is the only true sustainer. It is not food or anything else we should depend on most, it is our Savior Jesus Christ. When we have a deeper understanding of our reliance on Him, our attention to Him is heightened. This sharpened attention can bring clarity, peace, revelation and a feeling of nearness to our Lord. 2 Chronicles 20:3 says that Jehoshaphat begged the Lord for guidance and declared a fast. In Acts 13:2 they were worshipping and fasting when they heard the Lord speak about who to send out. Even after hearing the Lord they prayed and fasted more to be clear about their decision. This emphasizes the importance of fasting.

In this New Year I challenge you to join DP’s corporate fast. Experience God in a new way through fasting.

Written by Sarah Goff

Savanna Brown