Season of Opportunity

Monday Morning Commentary

Aging is a natural part of life that has or will affect us all. Culturally our mindset tends to see this time of life as negative and boring. The word gives us a vision far from retirement culture. Acts 2:17 frames old age as a season of opportunity. It promises us that old men and women will dream dreams. 

How is it possible that old age in the kingdom of God can be even more fruitful than being young? God has designed the path of the righteous to ascend upward. Though our outward body declines, our inner man is strengthened day by day. Growing older is an opportunity to be even bolder for the Lord, more humble in heart, and more dependent on him than ever before. 

The old and young are to work together in God’s kingdom. Son’s and daughter’s prophecy by doing the work of helping up, building up, and stirring up. Old men and women dream. Together, generations fulfill the purpose of God by filling up where we are lacking. 

Now you may be asking, how and where am I to invest my dreams? 

Magnifying God 

Old age is a beautiful time to magnify the Lord. The more we grow as disciples of Christ the more stories of grace and mercy we have to magnify God with. Any regrets we may have our opportunities for God to come and reconcile. Do not let the enemy trap you by living in regret. God’s power empowers us to live in peace as much as it is possible and if others are willing, we can renew relationships. 

2. Memorable Moments 

The most precious thing we have in life are often our memories. The more life we have lived, the more memories we have. Sharing memories can help build others up, encourage them, and give them hope. Sharing life experiences is one of the best ways you can invest in one another by giving valuable wisdom that is primarily learned through experience. 

3. Maintaining Focus 

A life well lived is a lesson in maintaining focus. Young people today have more opportunities available to them than ever before. Sharing how you continued to focus on what God placed before you is a great blessing. 

4. Maturity Journey 

Sharing how God matured you in your walk with him gives insight to those who are younger and helps them mature in their walk as well. 

5. Molding the Foundations 

All of your experience is foundational to what the generation behind you will be able to do and experience in the Lord. 

6. Mobilizing Believers 

No matter how old you are, you can be a part of making disciples and sending them out in the world. 

7. Missional Stewardship 

Old age is the time to invest the finances you have earned into the local church, missions, and the lives of others around you. Even if you don’t have a lot of money do not let that discourage you. The old woman gave all she had, and it was considered more than what others had because she gave by faith. 

8. Multi-Cultural Fellowship 

Share how you have overcome barriers between you and those with different from you. It is invaluable to those coming up behind you. 

God is so great that we can show his love at all ages. Old age gives a unique opportunity to share all that you have gained by pouring it out into the next generation. No matter how old you are, ask yourself this week, “How am I investing?”.

Savanna Brown