Feed On

Monday Morning Commentary

Easter Sunday is a time filled with memories. For some, the memory of receiving an Easter basket stands out. For others, they look forward to putting on their Sunday best. How we remember a day, a person, an event shapes our attitude towards it. How will we remember Easter? How will we remember our savior? 

On the day Jesus died for us, he hung next to two sinners. Both men grew up within Jewish culture and knew the Old Testament scriptures. Yet, the two remembered the scriptures in drastically different ways. 

The first man remembered that Jesus was the Christ. He remembered that Jesus had the authority to save but did not remember that God was saving him through choosing to undergo suffering. The first man did not remember that even in his death, Jesus had not left him to die alone. 

The second man remembered that he had been sentenced to death because he acted wrongly. He remembered that while he was dying justly, Jesus was not. The second man remembered that Jesus was innocent. He remembered that Jesus was a king with a kingdom. He remembered his need for repentance. 

Because the second man remembered and saw correctly who he was in light of who Jesus was, he was granted eternal life. On our worst days, it is important for us to remember that a lot of the time we are simply reaping the consequences of our sinful actions. We live in fallen world with fallen people. Our actions, the actions of others towards us, and the state of the world can effect us negatively. Even in our sinful state, God is merciful. God chooses to be with us even when we are rightly receiving the consequences for our actions. 

Remembering God and what he has done for us on our worst days, is directly linked to how we will experience our future days. Our experience of eternity is effected by how we remember Jesus. 

On your worst days, what do you feed on? 

• Do you turn the TV to the news? 

• Scroll through instagram? 

• Netflix binge? 

• Replay the negative situation over and over again in your head? 

There is a better way that will lead to life. It’s never too late to begin to feed on the goodness of God. If it was not too late for the criminal on the cross decided to feeding on who Jesus, it is not too late for us. There is still time to be granted eternal life. 

This week try feeding on Christ whether its your worst day or best day. 

• Turn on the worship music instead of Netflix. 

• Repeat scripture to yourself instead of all the life circumstances you are worried about. 

• Pray first, then decide if it’s necessary to vent the situation to a friend. 

What you feed on directly effects where you end up. Christ is with you- feed on him.

Savanna Brown