Desire to Grow

Today, Pastor Chad concluded our May series Chapter 2. Some think that Christianity isn’t logical, because faith and logic are incompatible. We see in 1 Peter 2:2 and Romans 12:1 map out what pure, reasonable, logic looks like when it comes to growing in Christ.

I. Logic of service

a. The Good news and His love - because of the mercies of God, it is reasonable for us to serve 

b. Your previous life ended - Because our old life has been crucified with Christ, and our new life is in Christ, it is reasonable for us to serve

c. Purchased bodies - Ephesians ‪1:13-14‬. Because we have been bought with price (2 Cor. ‪5:14‬), we are not our own, so it is reasonable for us to serve with our bodies. 

In what ways this week can you serve with this pure logic?

II. Logic of more grace and more faith (Gal. 3:2-5, 1 Peter 2:, 3Romans ‪5:17‬)

a. How you began is how you progress. Some people don’t grow because they don’t have the pure logic that comes from scripture about salvation. 

b. By Grace, Through Faith. We began by grace, through faith, so that is how we grow. 

What areas of your life can you depend on Jesus for transformation, by grace through faith?

III. Logic of separation (Romans 12:1-2

a. The Cross - The cross forever changes how we view the world (Galatians 6:14). 

b. World under wrath - (1 Thess. ‪1:10‬) The world was already under condemnation, that’s why Jesus came, not to condemn, but to redeem (John ‪3:16-17‬).

c. Growing friendship with Jesus - (James 4:3-6) Do you want to be friends with those who killed Jesus?

Powerless Christians are those who have conformed to the world’s logic and sin. In what ways can you confirm to the patterns of Jesus, instead of the patterns of the world?

IV. Logic of approach (Romans 12:1)

How do we approach the world and those in the world?

a. Caterpillar approach - by thinking/acting like the world, we will save the world

b. Butterfly approach - by consistently displaying Christ through a transformed life

c. Treasure approach - (Matthew 6:19-24) We’ve rejected the world as our source of treasure and significance, and instead think, “How can I use the things of the world for Jesus?” We’re complete in Jesus (Colossians 1:10), so we aren’t going into the world to get something, but to reveal Jesus. 

In what ways do we need to change our approach to the world, to reveal Jesus and see change in our communities?

Savanna Brown