More Decisions

Monday Morning Commentary

Pastor Chad kicked off our May series Chapter 2 with a message entitled More Decisions. The fact of the matter is the decision to receive salvation is only the beginning. God has so much more for us to receive and decide. 

Colossians 2:6-7 instructs us, “Therefore, as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.” 

In this verse, Paul uses two examples to demonstrate two habits we are to have as we continue to mature in Christ. 

First, we have an example of physical development, walking. Walking is a common activity for adults. At the same time, it is not common for a baby to walk because they have not developed the strength to do so yet. A baby has all the same joints, muscles, and bones we have but they do not walk. They have the same capacity yet a different capability because they are not aware of their bodies. When we are babes in Christ, we are unable to walk. We are unaware of the promises God has for us. We do not know what verses to go to or how to apply them. We have to be taught. Through sound teaching, we build an awareness of all God has given us, our gifts, capabilities, and the kingdom of God. 

Ask yourself this week: 

• How am I positioning myself to abound in awareness by receiving teaching from others? 

• Do I live in daily awareness of what God is doing in my life? 

• Do I live in daily awareness of what God is doing in the lives around me? 

• What areas have I not yet walked in the fullness of all God has for me? 

Second, we have an agricultural example, rooted and built up in him. When a baby tree or a sapling is planted, it is planted in soil that has all the nutrients it needs to grow strong. It is possible however for a sapling not to grow if it does not continue to yield and draw from the life source it is planted in. In order for the sapling to be rooted and built up, it has to overcome dirt, rocks, hot days, and cold nights. It is the same with us. To be rooted and built up in Christ we have to continue to draw from and yield to him through various seasons of life. We continue to draw on Christ by abounding in thanksgiving. 

Ask yourself this week: 

• How can I position myself to give more thanks? 

• Do I daily abound in thanksgiving? If not, what is one thing I can do to give more thanks? 

• What do I need to stop saying in order to live in thanksgiving? 

• Is there anything in my life I have not thanked God for? 

This week God longs for you to abound in awareness and thanksgiving. These two practices allow us to walk in Christ and be rooted in him. What’s blocking your awareness of his kingdom? What’s stopping your thanksgiving?

Savanna Brown