Noah -- Outstanding Walk and Woodwork

Monday Morning Commentary

Today for Father’s Day Pastor Chad preached on Noah to continue in our series, “Most Likely To” preaching on the life of Noah. Noah modeled a life of outstanding walk and woodwork. How did he accomplish this when he was surrounded by wickedness? 

1. Focus 

a. Eyes on the Lord 

Even in the midst of the generation, God wiped off the earth, Noah ultimately kept his eyes focused on the Lord. At the same time Noah was human just like us and experienced times of distraction.When Noah got distracted, God waited. If Noah would have stayed distracted the ark would never have been built. Lives would not have been saved. When we are distracted from our own walk, it’s easy to be judgmental of others. What you focus on you become like. Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord, and his walk for you, not being focused on others walk and judging them. As you keep your eyes on the Lord, then you’ll be able to see what’s IN the eyes of the Lord. 

b. Eyes of the Lord 

Grace is God’s empowerment for what we need. In the eyes of the Lord, we find grace and empowerment for the role God has for us. As you keep your eyes on the Lord, you will find God’s grace in the eyes of the Lord for your role. Noah needed grace to suffer long and be patient. Noah had to work for 100yrs to build the ark. He found that in the eyes of the Lord. Grace is empowerment to keep our eyes on God and be diligent in the work he has for us. We get scatter-brained when we are focused on everybody and everything else. Wisdom is focusing on the Lord and what the Lord has graced you to do 

What are you focusing on instead of the Lord right now that is distracting you from your walk and what God has asked you to do? 

2. Diligence 

Noah built an ark and Noah built an altar. Noah built a life of walking with God and working with God and in the same way, we need to build habits that help keep us focused and our eyes on Jesus 

a. Walked with God 

Noah means “Rest”. Often times Men look to find value and rest and peace, through their work, but If you seek to find value, and significance through your job you won’t find rest. The name Noah actually means, “rest”. Noah was able to work with God because he FIRST walked with God. Out of the rest of walking with God, we find empowerment to work with God 

b. Worked with God 

We aren’t working for God (striving, heaviness) but working with God (rest). We then find rest/satisfaction in our work because we are working from a place of rest in God/acceptance in God. We find grace to walk in the good works God has called us to, by walking with God 

In what ways this week can you first walk and rest with God? What spiritual disciples could help you this week to keep your eyes on Jesus and receive grace for what he has asked you to do? 

What you flood your life with, will flood your life. By keeping our eyes on Jesus we open ourselves up to receiving the grace we need to walk in the path he has set before us.

Savanna Brown