Samson - Strengths and Weaknesses

Pastor Chad concluded our ‘Most Likely To’ series with the story of Samson. Samson was the strongest man physically in the Bible. Yet, he had major weaknesses. His story begs the question does God want us to be strong or weak or does it depend? 

Samson’s birth shows us that God wants to be our strength. His mother was barren and God gave her the ability to conceive Samson. Because God desired to give her a son, he also instructed her to make proper preparations for the gift of strength in her life. God instructed her to be careful not to drink wine or eat anything unclean. 

In Samson’s birth story, we see that God desires to be our strength but he does not want us to be strong without him. He wants to give us the desires of our hearts. At the same time, when he gives us gifts he wants us to take proper care of them. Think about the areas God has given you strength in- are you following his instruction in that area? Maybe there is an area where you still need strength, are you willing to rely on him or have you been trying to gain the strength outside of him? 

When Samson’s mother received the prophecy that she would receive a son, she did not take the time to ask who the messenger was or where he was from. She was so desperate to find an end to her barrenness that she took hold of the message without checking the messenger. It is easy to believe the first message that comes to us when we are desperate for something. Our weakness can make us so needy that it becomes our only selfish concern to the point we lack wisdom in other areas. 

We all have weaknesses. Can you think of a time when you felt so needy in an area that it was the only thing you could think about and you made a poor choice out of your felt need? Most of us have- God desires to come into your life to give you strength in the waiting and discernment to not find strength outside of HIm. 

As Samson’s life progressed, his strength along with his weaknesses continued to develop. Samson had a problem saying no to the ladies and it cost him. For a while, God’s strength covered him when he was young and immature. As time went on he had experienced God’s saving grace for so long, he did not recognize when it had left him. He allowed the enemy’s plan to prevail in his life by allowing Delilah to cut his strength off by cutting his hair and eventually became blind. Are there any areas of your life where God has provided strength for so long that you have forgotten he is the source of that strength? 

God desires for us to submit our character weaknesses to Him. All of us have to grow into the character of Christ and there is only one way to do that- submit to him. First, we have to be aware of the areas of our character and soul that are prone to weakness. If you are unsure, ask God to search your heart and reveal your weak spots to you. You could probably ask your group of closest friends and they would be able to tell you. After you are aware of your weakness, invite God into that area. It’s as simple as saying, “God I want you to be Lord in (blank) area.” Next, find scriptures that speak to that area and pray them over yourself. Finally, open up to a trusted friend who has a good relationship with God. Let that friend pray for you and speak wisdom into that area. 

We all have strengths and weaknesses. It’s how we handle them that separates us from God or brings us closer to him.

Savanna Brown