The Way Forward

Monday Morning Commentary

One of the most important promises God gives believers is the promise to give us wisdom. Life is difficult and there will be a variety of situations (an “it”) in life that we must have wisdom to handle successfully. For every “it,” we face, we can seek God to give us the wisdom needed, because “the Lord gives wisdom.” There is a way toward wisdom. And this is where most believers need help. How do we position ourselves to receive wisdom? 

The first question we must pose when seeking the way of wisdom is, “What do the Scriptures say about “it”? We cannot expect for wisdom to always come in a supernatural manner (a vision, a dream, a word of knowledge). The Word of God has been given to us to be a light in the darkness. Begin by seeking to know through the faithful study of Scripture what God says about your situation. Accept the gift of God’s Word. He isn’t silent about your situation. He has something to say about it! Our knowledge of what He says builds our faith because it allows us to realize that He isn’t far off or uncaring. 

Once we know what the Scripture says, we must ask another question. “What do the Scriptures mean?” Throughout Jesus’s life, He constantly combated the experts in the law who were proud of all of the knowledge they possessed. He took issue with their pride because they didn’t have understanding. Knowledge alone will not produce wisdom. We must receive understanding. Knowledge without understanding won’t do anything to change the “it.” Understanding of your “it” gives you the ability to discern how to use knowledge – how to make the right decisions that will bring about a change to your present situation. 

To move from knowledge to understanding that leads to wisdom takes A) Meditation upon the knowledge you’ve received from the Word and waiting to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit that gives revelation for your situation. B) Application of the understanding received through meditation. C) Wise counsel from other more mature believers. 

Wisdom is an action. When God gives you understanding, He expects you to act upon that understanding. Sometimes, we lack wisdom because we don’t have knowledge. Sometimes, we lack wisdom because we don’t have understanding. But the worst reason for lacking wisdom, it that of not applying ourselves; which is really an unwillingness to obey what we know and understand. If we stay in that position, the “it” wins. “It” will not change, “it” will not go away, and “it” will reign over your life. The way out of “it” is the way of wisdom. 

Wisdom bears fruit. Fruit is important to God. He will judge us according to the fruit we produce. Therefore, we should make it our aim to walk in the way of wisdom and receive from its fruit. James 3:17 speaks of the fruit of wisdom, “But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.” 

What a gift to walk in the way of wisdom! It is the way forward! A way that leads us to know Him more, understand Him more, obey Him more and receive more of His goodness

Savanna Brown