The Ruler, Yard Stick & Measuring Tape

Monday Morning Commentary

To conclude the Wisdom series, Pastor Chad presents us with an important message about guarding our effectiveness in life with boundaries. 

In Judges 13:8-13, we read about Manoah, the father of Samson. In his need for wisdom, He asks the Lord, “….Pardon, your servant, Lord. I beg you to let the man of God you sent to us come again to teach us how to bring up the boy who is to be born.” What a great question to ask. God hasn’t called us to figure things out on our known. The principle way of obtaining wisdom, is to ask for it. “God heard Manoah…the angel of the Lord answered.” God answers when we acknowledge our need of Him and seek His wisdom. 

Manoah asked some specific questions about his specific need…”what is to be the rule that governs the boy’s life and work?” He understood that there would need to be some boundaries for Samson. 

For your life, there is a “rule” of life. That which is commanded by the Lord specifically for your life. Samson’s rule was that he would submit to the Nazarite vow and not allow a razor to touch his head. Submitting to this rule of life would allow Samson to have success in life. 

God has rulers for your life. These rulers guard you from the razors of life – those things which seek to harm you and damage the purposed of God for your life. These rulers speak to personal boundaries. These rulers vary from believer to believer because God knows our unique callings and our unique personalities with their unique vulnerabilities. Therefore, if we are to be effective in life and for the Kingdom, we need to seek the rulers of God that will empower us to rule over the razors. 

God has rulers for the life of all believers. This ruler extends outside of you to others therefore, the measure is longer – it is a yard stick measure. These are relational boundaries. God applies these to all believers. God is specific is His word about how we are to relate with one another. We are to love, forgive, have patience, be kind, pray for, encourage one another and more. These relational boundaries are set in place in God’s word in order to cause us to be effective in our relationships and to guard us from the potential razors that often come from relationships. 

Like Samson, God has a rule for your life and a work for your life. This work also extends outside of you to others like a measuring tape. These are ministerial boundaries. The measuring tape is an understanding of how God has gifted you and where God has placed you to work for Him. All believers share in the work of bringing people to Jesus Christ through the proclamation and outworking of the Gospel. 

God cares for you enough to teach you healthy boundaries for yourself and your relationships. He cares for you enough to give you boundaries that will make you effective in your purpose and call for His Kingdom. But you must be like Manoah and ask Him to speak to you and make clear to you the rulers. How can you engage this week to for wisdom on the yard stick and measuring tape of your life?

Savanna Brown