Our Future: Don't Look For Shortcuts

To conclude our September series Two Masters, Pastor Craig brought us a word “Our Future: Don’t Look for Shortcuts Play the Long Game.” If we are going to be ruled by one master Jesus in all areas of life, including our finances, we are going to have to have good old fashioned endurance.

Moses was a man of endurance- he’s the guy who led complaining Israelites through the wilderness for forty years. He had built up his endurance long before his time of leadership. Hebrews 11 summarizes Moses’ early days like this: by faith he chose to be mistreated with the people of God than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin and by faith he left Egypt not being afraid of the anger of the king for he endured as seeing him who is invisible. 

Faith is often times thought of as this bold fearless courage. Biblically faith is not being fearless rather it is being persuaded. Persuasion to believe in God is a gift from God we cannot manufacture in and of ourselves.

Endurance flows from our identity. Moses knew he was a miracle baby and that he had escaped being eaten by crocodiles as an infant. Do you know that you have been rescued from death by Christ as well? You are a miracle baby. Many times our endurance runs low because we think we are just one among many instead of seeing that we are spectacular. There is only one of you. You are a miracle.

Endurance is hindered by sin. Moses had to choose to be mistreated with the people of God rather than enjoying the fleeting pleasures of sin. Anyone who tells you sin isn’t fun, is lying or wasn’t good at sinning. Sin does feel good in the moment and that’s why we are tempted to do it. Yet, sin is rarely ever fun when we wake up to what we just did. Sin distracts us from the mercy of God and without the mercy of God we cannot endure.

Endurance can’t grow in an environment of fear. How can our faith grow when we are continuing to feed our fears? Being a Christian does not mean becoming super human and never feeling fear again. It does mean choosing time and time again not to be afraid and endure anyways. Living a faith filled life is choosing to acknowledge that fear is there and saying I’m believing and moving forward on the word of God.

This week take a moment to think about:

  1. Where have I given up instead of continuing to endure?

  2. Do I believe I am “run of the mill” or do I believe I am a miracle?

  3. Where has sin hindered my endurance?

  4. What fears have I been feeding?

Savanna Brown