My Life, His Version

Monday Morning Commentary

Our November series at Dwelling Place is “My Life Verse.” Do you know that God has a version for your life? How well versed are you in life? How versed are you in the life of Christ? How versed are you in God’s version of your life? 

God desires your life verse and all of scripture to be lived in a certain “version” or way. In order to live God’s version, we need to be well versed in life as he defines it. 

Colossians 1:24-29 speaks of the mystery of Christ now being revealed to us. This mystery is Christ himself and the “version” he desires for us to live. It is important to dig into the mystery of Christ because many find themselves confused on what God’s version is. Some even know the word, yet wrongly apply it because they are not reading it with the understanding of the mystery which is Christ. 

This passage of scripture also reveals that it is God’s will for us to know the riches of the glory- which is Christ in us the hope of glory. It is God’s will for you to know him, to know his version of life, and to experientially know how he works within you. The riches of God’s glory within us includes character change. We are experiencing his glory the more we begin to look like him. We are increasing in glory the more fruitfulness we experience. 

Lastly, it is God’s will for us to be mature in knowing the mystery of Christ and experiencing his glory. Many of us seek to know Christ’s benefits such as victory, maturity, and riches without seeking Christ himself. 

* It is impossible to have victory in Christ without Christ. 

* It is impossible to have maturity in Christ without Christ. 

* It is impossible to have riches in Christ without Christ. 

It’s simple yet profound when we realize how many times we have sought these things in Christ without looking to Christ himself in the process. Many times we seek the God of the mountaintops without recognizing that he is God of the plains. There are others of us who are comfortable in plains or the routines of everyday life and are scared to risk the hike of the mountain. Maturity is growing in the mystery of Christ regardless of outward circumstances. 

This week remember: 

1. You are in Christ so that Christ can be in you! 

2. The hope is not of you, but he is in you! 

3. God’s will flows through us, but is not of us! 

4. The perfect is inside of Christ not outside of Christ!

Savanna Brown