Psalm 25

Monday Morning Commentary

Are you in a season where you are asking God the right way to go? Finding the will of God for your life can feel scary. Every decision can feel like it’s either leading to blessing or impending doom. The truth is that scripture does not answer how God guides as much as it answers who God guides. Psalm 25 shows us the kind of person that receives instruction from the Lord. 

1. Those trained in the ways of God. (Psalm 25:4) 

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a manual for how to handle every situation in life. If you fought with your spouse on the way to church this morning turn to pg. 22 follow these four steps and everything will be resolved. Instead of outlining every situation imaginable, the Bible gives us principles that we then can apply to our situation. Think of an athlete. There is no way that they can memorize every single play or know exactly what is coming next. Instead they are trained in fundamental skills and how to read what is happening on the field. From that knowledge, they automatically respond in the moment based on training. That’s what God desires of us. When we commit to the training of constantly using the word of God, then we are able to discern good and evil in the moment. 

2. Those obedient to the commands of God. (Psalm 25:9-10) 

Imagine a child incessantly asking their Father where they are going. Moments before the Father first instructed the child to put on their shoes and they refused. Why would the Father answer the question of where they are going when the child is refusing to do what was first asked of them? It’s the same with us and our heavenly Father. We first need to obey what God has made clear in the word already given to us, then he will guide us further. 

3. Those trusting in the promises of God. (Psalm 25:3 & 14) 

It’s easy to get caught up in what we can see and what we can do. When we begin to look solely to our circumstances our faith often sinks. When we rely on our own decision making we often loose our way. Staying anchored in the promises of God regardless of the temptation to trust ourselves is key to following the guidance of the Lord. The promises of God are like a thread that will lead us to God no matter what goes on around us. As long as we hold onto the “thread”, we will always make our way safely back to God. 

4. Those depending on the grace of God. (Psalm 25:10) 

God’s guidance is not dependent on our worthiness or our performance. God’s work in our lives is solely based on Christ Jesus and what Christ has done for us. When we see our need for his continual grace and receive it then we will walk in his guidance. Remember no one can mess up the will of God for your life, because God ultimately does not allow our enemies to have the final word. You cannot disqualify yourself from the will of God because Christ has already paid your pardon. 

This week take some time to reflect on these four characteristics of the kind of person God guides. Which area of your life do you need to build the most? Remember those who train, obey, trust, and depend on God are people at peace in the confidence that they are following the will of God.

Savanna Brown