Down to Earth, A Second Time

Monday Morning Commentary

To continue our December series Down to Earth, Pastor Craig preached a message entitled Down to Earth a Second Time. Last week we were able to look at the mystery of Christ coming to us as a babe to loose us. This week we looked at who Christ is in tribulation- the one with all power and authority. 

Right now we are in the first advent or arrival of Christ where Christ came as a baby, grew up, made disciples, then died and rose again for us. The first advent accomplished our salvation and showed us how to live pleasing to the father. However, this is not the end. There is even more to the story. Jesus is coming back again. His return more will be glorious than the first-everyone will see him for who he is. 

After Jesus left the earth, John, Jesus’ beloved disciple was exiled to the Island of Patmos for preaching the gospel. He was in the midst of the greatest tribulation of his life. John had known Jesus intimately on earth. He was the one with his head reclined on Jesus at the last supper. He was the only one who went to the cross with Jesus. 

One day in the midst of tribulation John was in the Spirit when Jesus decided to reveal who he was again. This time Jesus did not come as the meek, gentle, and mild lamb being led to the slaughter that John had previously known. This time Jesus revealed himself as the greatest high priest of all time. 

John saw Jesus for the power he is: 

* Clothed with a long robe and a golden sash- the attire of high priests in the Old Testament- that symbolized power and closeness to God. 

* His hair was white like wool to represent all wisdom. 

* His eyes were like fire to show his piercing insight into all things. 

* His voice like the rushing of many waters to depict the fullness and authority of his voice. 

* His mouth like a two-edged sword to represent the ability to divide flesh and spirit with his word. 

* His hands holding the seven stars which are the seven churches representing that all the churches of the world are held in his hands. 

This vision shows what all will see in the second advent Jesus’ return. God gave this vision to John so that in the midst of tribulation so that we would by faith see Jesus now as all will see him at the end. This aspect of Jesus is still invisible to the world, yet God through his word made this Jesus visible and accessible to us. Let us like John in the day of our tribulation get in the Spirit and see Jesus as the almighty Go

Savanna Brown