A Most Desired Gift

Monday Morning Commentary

Christmastime gives a lot of focus to gifts. People receive and give many gifts. Yet after receiving gifts, most people will find themselves still desiring more. Why? It is because what people actually need cannot be bought. Peace is the most desired gift. So how is it attained? 

Isaiah 9:6 tells us that Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He gives us a covenant of peace. His is the gospel of peace. The effect of righteousness is peace. 

The Hebrew word for peace is SHALOM. It means wholeness. In Jesus, the Prince of Peace, there is nothing lacking. Through Jesus we can be at ease in life even in the midst of troubles. 

* His peace overcomes. The rule of Jesus in our heart is fair. We can allow His presence to permeate the rooms of our hearts and trust that His work in our life will be fair. We can have turbulent situations outside of us but have hearts full of peace. As we allow the Kingdom of God to rule in our hearts, the peace of God can be manifested through us. We can be peacemakers because peace has been made in our hearts through Jesus. 

* His peace surpasses. There is “no end” to His government. His rule of peace in our life goes beyond all knowledge, all understanding; it goes beyond the future. Therefore, we can release the constant striving to know and understand. We can realize that knowledge won’t guarantee peace in my life. But the knowledge of Him who holds all things and works all things together for my good, gives me peace. We can exercise faith in His care and be filled with peace. Peace can be multiplied to me as we know Him more. 

* His peace is given. Therefore, it must be received. We position ourselves to receive peace through seeking His presence in prayer, in His Word, and in fellowship with His Body. Jesus promised “my peace I give to you.” (John 14:27). There may be troubles all around, but our hearts can be at peace! 

* His peace must be protected. The most desired came as a precious child, and as such He is to be guarded. We must guard His peace in our lives through faithful obedience. Obedience is evidence of my trust what He’s asked. We must understand that if we resist His words we deny ourselves the gift of His peace. 

This Christmas, in the midst of all the gifts that are temporal, that wear away, are broken, and do not last, remember, that He is the Prince of Peace. He is the Everlasting Father! And of His government there will be no end. Give yourself the most desired gift – His peace found in His presence.

Savanna Brown