Soul Renewal

Monday Morning Commentary

Yesterday, Pastor Craig brought us a message titled Soul Renewal. The opening line of the Gospel is to repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. It’s common for many Christians to repent enough to be forgiven but not enough to see the kingdom of God tangibly manifested in their lives. 

What’s stopping us from seeing God’s kingdom on earth? Our own minds. Our external reality is defined by what’s going on internally. Before you text your friend to meet you for lunch, what do you do? You think about texting your friend to go get lunch. Our thoughts direct our actions. 

Why must we manage our minds? 

• Our thoughts control our life. 

• Our minds are the battle ground for sin. 

• Our minds are the keys to peace and happiness. 

Take a moment and ask yourself… 

• What is the most consistent thought I have on a daily basis? 

• What thoughts currently control my life? 

• Are my thoughts leading me to sin or to good works in Christ Jesus? 

• Are my thoughts filled with peace and happiness? 

There are three daily choices we must make as believers to manage our minds: 

1. Feed our minds with truth. 

In Psalms 119:97, David writes, “Lord, how I love your word, I think about it all day long.” 

• What passage of scripture can you choose to think about all day long this week? 

2. Free our minds from destructive thoughts. 

The enemies of our minds are the flesh, Satan, and the world. Freeing our minds from destructive thoughts first comes by recognizing who we are fighting against and then choosing to create habits that direct our minds to God and what he has for us instead of what our flesh, Satan, and the world tell us to do. 

• What habit do you need to create in your life to guard against the flesh, Satan, and the world? 

3. Focus our minds on the right things. 

Scripture tells us that Jesus, others, and eternity are the right things to think about. It’s commonly said that some are too heavenly minded to be any earthly good. The truth is until we recognize the reality of eternity and align our actions with that reality we will not be any earthly good. 

• Who can you reach out to this week and share what God is doing in your life? 

Our minds are our greatest asset and that’s why the enemy wants them. The good news is you have been given the mind of Christ. Will you take hold of the mind God has for you this week?

Savanna Brown