Soul Prosperity

Monday Morning Commentary

Pastor Chad concludes the series, 21 Grams, with the message, Soul Prosperity. 

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” 3 John 1:2 

Prosperity is defined as success. John prays that his friend Gaius would succeed in all areas of life. The Scripture is clear that God’s desire for His children is prosperity. As a good Father, he wants for us to have a life that is successful. And because He cares about our WHOLE life, prosperity is available for our WHOLE life. However, John’s prayer for his friend, and God’s desire for His children, is contingent on the soul prospering. How does the soul prosper? It prospers through a consistent seeking of rest in Jesus Christ. Through a consistent pursuit of the heart of God – seeking His Kingdom and walking in obedience to His leading. 

In life, there are many things seeking to pull our attention away from the consistent pursuit of God. And though we may be prospering in some areas of life, if we are not careful to prosper the soul, at some point, we will begin to experience God’s mercy through judgment. God is so merciful that He will not allow you continued prosperity outside of your soul to the detriment of your soul. This is why at times He allows things to come “crashing down” around us. This is a SOUL BREAK. 

Has God ever had to break you in order for you to finally surrender to Him? Yes, you’ve given your life to Christ and have been born again into His Kingdom, but you still sit on the throne of your heart. You still call the shots of what your life’s pursuit is. You still allow circumstances and desires of the heart to determine the direction of your walk. If so, God loves you too much to allow you to continue in that way. 

Though a soul break may feel like punishment, it is actually His mercy. In His mercy, He is getting your attention to understand that as His child, you must remember where your significance, purpose, value and meaning come from – not from what the flesh and the world offers, but what He alone gives through consistent fellowship with the Holy Spirit. 

It is through this consistent fellowship that our soul prospers. There we are able to hear His voice, receive His truth, are equipped by His instruction, and empowered by His Spirit. This is SOUL CARE – positioning yourself to find ALL that you need in Him. Is your soul prospering? A prosperous soul consistently: 

· Gets truth within 

· Walks in truth – purposefully acting upon truth received 

· Rejoices in the progress of others 

· Is faithful in whatever you do regardless of the response of others 

· Demonstrates love – people can point to love as the evidence of your faith in Christ 

· Helps in the progress of others – the more you seek Christ, the more you care for those whom He cares for. You become less selfish. 

· Has a giving posture that doesn’t seek anything in return 

· Reserves margin and space to obey God and minister to others 

· Is a team player who shares the credit 

· Seeks God face to face 

When you understand that your only real need in life is Christ, then when you pursue after Christ, your soul prospers. His affections become your own. His desires become your own. His longings become your own. His will becomes your own. This is a prosperous soul that will then experience prosperity in all things outside of the soul.

Savanna Brown